Dr. M

BEYOND 100 .












A Billionaire, Global Thought Leader and the pioneer of the Beyond 100 philosophy, Dr. M is the Founder-Chairman of the Smart Group, Founder of the Global Citizen Forum and Global Chairman of the Foreign Investors India Forum.

Dr. M’s rich business legacy is replete with immensely
successful alliances with global business partners which revolutionised the field of office automation, wireless telephony and mobility in India and earned him the title of ‘JV King of India’. Today, his business endeavours are centred around his philosophy of living happy and healthy ‘Beyond 100’, pioneering preventive healthcare and wellness.

Globally renowned for going beyond boundaries, Dr. M’s campaigns of going “beyond gender” & “beyond religion” along with his work with international organisations like the United Nations have earned him numerous accolades including a commendation by US Congress. In 2019, he was appointed the Honorary President of the World Federation of United Nations Associations.

Dr. M leaves behind an impressive and expansive legacy of interfaith and value creation activities through conferences, events, books, discussions and business.

With an impassioned approach to wellness industry, Dr. M has become one of the pioneers in wellness and proactive healthcare in India. Centred on his philosophy of living “happy and healthy beyond 100”, he is committed to building a pan-India ecosystem that focuses on longevity,
simplicity and accessibility of healthcare.

Dr. M is an impassioned proponent of Global Citizenship, his unstinting commitment to Humanity, is evident in varied endeavours aimed at creating One World beyond gender, religion and nationality. A clarion call that has reverberated from the United Nations to some of the world’s leading global cities.
A keen proponent of technology, Dr. M is credited for introducing the biggest consumer technologies in several eastern markets that earned him the epithet of ‘Man of Many Firsts’.