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‘Bharat@100’ Global Thought Leader Dr. Modi unites global citizens to build a ‘democratic, developed nation’

In the lead up to the 75th anniversary of Indian independence, the Global Citizen Forum led by Global Thought Leader Dr. Modi has initiated a campaign to define the next 25 years of India’s development. This campaign, called ‘Bharat@100’ will unite Indians across India and the world, seeking their suggestions on how the country can shape its economic and political future in the next quarter of the century. The mission of ‘Bharat@100’ is to define and identify clear goals in support of sustaining India’s democracy and bolstering India’s economy.

Global Thought Leader Dr. Modi

As part of the campaign the Global Citizen Forum and the Foreign Investors India Forum in association with other international and domestic partner organisations will host a series of events to mobilise public opinion, and invite suggestions to propel India’s growth. Global economic forecasts for the next decade pin India to be a front runner. This is likely to be accompanied by enduring geopolitical shifts that may upend the traditional world order. In this context, it is imperative that India’s economic growth be supported by such policy & diplomacy changes that reflect the nation’s significance in a multipolar world order. Further, exponential economic growth must be accompanied by enabling social systems that promote equitable distribution of wealth, engendering social equality.

On 15th August 2022, the Hon’ble Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi also called upon Indians to unite in the pursuit of making India a developed nation by 2047 when the country celebrates 100 years of independence. Overall, the global positive sentiment pertaining to the nation has translated into the vocabulary of the Indian population, which is now more aware of its potential and willing to work together to not only accelerate the pace of economic growth but also build systems that can distribute that growth to reach the most backward sections of society.

Global Thought Leader Dr. Modi’s Bharat@100 campaign will seek to build synergies between Indians residing in India and global Indians. During this, Global Thought Leader Dr. Modi will hold conversations with local stakeholders to identify the biggest roadblocks and bottlenecks that affect growth in the nation. Concurrently, Global Thought Leader Dr. Modi will also engage with global Indians who have successfully created avenues for growth in their respective nations. The intent of the campaign is to leverage the expertise of global Indians to unlock bottlenecks on ground in India and help the nation achieve its economic goals, fast tracking Indian society and economy to being a pioneer of democracy and development in the world.