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Global Business Leader Dr. Modi addresses Prestel & Partner Family office conference

Global Business Leader Dr. Modi addressed an elite gathering of family office representatives at the Harvard Club in New York (USA) on October 11, 2022. The conference was organised by Prestel & Partner. Prestel & Partner is a family office forum that serves as a networking platform for ultra-high net worth individuals and family offices across the globe.

Global Business Leader Dr. Modi

Global Business Leader Dr. Modi attended the event as a keynote speaker, addressing some of the world’s leading asset managers, fund managers and ultra-high net worth individuals. Focusing his speech on the significance of geopolitics for business today, Global Business Leader Dr. Modi talked about how the tussle for power between world governments has created a vacuum. The focus on defence and military has provided an open ground for the private sector to help shape all other areas that are traditionally under regulatory or governmental control and make them more efficient, modern and adaptive to the dynamic world we live in.

Global Business Leader Dr. Modi stressed that one such sector is the wellness and healthcare. “New technologies have allowed medical practitioners to predict and prevent disease instead of trying to cure it. This has huge implications for human longevity and health,” said Dr. Modi in his keynote address at the Prestel & Partner Family office Forum. Global business leader Dr. Modi stressed the significance of early investment by the private sector in this industry which will be fundamental to the growth of other industries. With human longevity and health span increasing over time, the range of working age population is likely to increase. This can have immense ramifications for aging economies and countries with slowing or negative population growth rates.

Global Business Leader Dr. Modi is one of the early investors in Fountain Life, a US based, preventive healthcare start-up founded by Peter Diamandis and Tony Robbins. Fountain Life combines the latest breakthroughs in preventive care in a cumulative offering that is revolutionising both the well-care and the sick-care industries. Sharing his experience, Global Business Leader Dr. Modi said, “I became interested in preventive care after I turned 60, because I wanted to live happy, healthy and wealthy beyond 100. I have myself experienced what the new healthcare technologies are capable of and I want to bring that same experience to more and more people across the globe.”