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Global Business Leader Dr. Modi: Laying the Foundation for Digital India

Global Business Leader Dr. Modi paved the way for the digital revolution in India 20 years ago when he orchestrated the most important phone call in Indian telecom history. On 31st July, 1995, then Chief Minister of West Bengal, Jyoti Basu made the first mobile call to then Union Communications Minister, Sukh Ram on Dr. Modi owned Modi-Telstra network (later re-branded as ‘Spice’), India’s first mobile operator. It was Dr. Modi’s innovative and futuristic approach that led India to emerge as the world’s second-largest telecom market with the number of mobile subscribers exceeding 1.1 billion according to the latest statistics provided by Telecommunications regulatory authority of India (TRAI).  

Global Business Leader Dr. Modi

In 1995, Global Business Leader Dr. Modi’s Spice Communications formed a very strategic joint venture with Malaysian telecom behemoth, Axiata (formerly known as Telekom-Malaysia). Axiata was a market leader at the time in Malaysia with a very strong presence in Asia-Pacific region and investments in South-Asian countries except India. Post the launch of Spice Communications, Dr. Modi launched multiple ventures within the telecom industry such as Spice Digital in 2000 – first Indian mobile value added services (VAS) company for telecom operators, Spice Hotspot in 2004 – India’s first mobile retail chain and the acquisition of i2i in 2009 (rebranding it as Si2i) which offers operator products & services along with ICT services.

Global Business Leader Dr. Modi is responsible for bringing the remarkable and revolutionary change in the Indian telecom industry through his telecom empire that he built between 1995-2005. In fact, the Indian telecom market has gained recognition as one of the most lucrative markets globally. India’s tele-density of 36.98% in FY09 which was amongst the lowest in the world has now climbed to 81.82% in November 2015. Much of this growth can be attributed to the unprecedented growth in mobile telephony as the number of mobile subscribers grew at a phenomenal rate, from 10 million in 2002 to 1009.46 million in May 2015. With the right mix of accelerators and and enabling regulatory policies, the future of the Indian telecom industry continues to look promising.

Connectivity has been the greatest enabler of social engagement for the billions of people globally. Global Business Leader Dr. Modi’s telecom ventures were instrumental in introducing these new technologies in India that provided freedom of mobility to every Indian. The rise of the mobile phone as a key necessity has been critical in the success of some of the biggest development schemes of the Indian government including Digital India, Smart Cities, Skill India and Make in India. All the four schemes predominantly rely on the power of telecom and technology to help India achieve its true potential as the nation forges ahead on the path of progress