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Global Thought Leader Dr. Modi talks about Global Citizenship, growth and gender equality at TED Talks

Global Thought Leader Dr. Modi, a global business leader, who  has always challenged conventional wisdom, was invited to share his experiences in a TED talk in New Delhi. TED Talks is an American-Canadian media organization that showcases influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity. In his first Ted Talk, Dr. Modi sheds light on his philosophy of global citizenship and how Indian values lend themselves most readily to the creation of a unified global identity and the idea of one world.

Dr. Modi Ted Talks

Global Thought Leader Dr. Modi who has wholly embraced the idea of global citizenship began his talk by sharing his earliest experiences of Hindu way of life. Born to celebrated Indian industrialist, Shri Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi, Dr. Modi talks about how the philosophies of ‘oneness’ propagated in Hindu religious books including the Geeta, Ramayana and Mahabharata created the foundation of his value system and inculcated in him the belief that the world is one family.

Sharing his journey from a child studying in  the prestigious Scindia School in Madhya Pradesh (India) to a MBA student at USC California (USA), Dr. Modi met people from diverse backgrounds and discovered that people everywhere share the common pursuit of happiness. 

It was during his time at USC that Dr. Modi began to shape his approach to business. He identified the glaring gap between the consumers of the East and the West, seeking to mitigate it. With a penchant for futuristic technologies,  Dr. Modi decided to being the latest technologies in office automation, personal mobility and wireless telephony from across the globe to India. Dr. Modi brought the first copier machine, the first fax machine, the first computer, the first mobile service to the Indian markets. It was his entrepreneurial success and love for futuristic technologies that earned him the title of ‘Man of Many Firsts’.

Global Thought Leader, Dr. Modi recognised the need for a robust and enabling regulatory ecosystem for propelling growth in India. To achieve the global economic integration of India, Global Thought Leader Dr. Modi sought to mould his business efforts with the objectives of the government with a common goal of achieving economic growth and improving the quality of life. The Indian regulatory framework, gradually improved due to the effort of entrepreneurs such as Dr. Modi and others.

During his TEDx Talk, Global Thought Leader Dr. Modi also spoke about his efforts towards gender equality as a patriarch of a traditional Indian household. As the scion of a legacy Indian business family, Dr. Modi has always sought to promote gender equality within his business and family, despite social and cultural resistance. A proponent of meritocracy, Global Thought Leader, Dr. Modi was one of the strongest advocates for changing the inheritance law in India. He worked extensively with leaders of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad where he proposed that Hindu law be amended to include equal property and inheritance rights for daughters and sons. This change would also reflect in the Indian legal system soon. In 2005, the old laws related to Inheritance under Hindu law were annulled and a daughters claim to parental inheritance was recognised equally.