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Global Thought Leader, Dr. Modi’s “We are Global Citizens” movement goes viral

Global Thought Leader, Dr. Modi has been championing the cause of global citizenship for decades. His quest to unify the world under a common, global identity has manifested in several initiatives that have gained immense traction across the world. The foremost of these initiatives has been the Global Citizen Forum, a Singapore based not-for-profit whose stated objective has been to create ‘One World beyond Gender, Religion and Nationality’. As Founder-Chairman of the Global Citizen Forum, Dr. Modi has led events in the world’s leading global cities such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, Mumbai, Shenzhen, Dubai, London, New York and San Francisco among others.

We are Global Citizens

Based on the founding values of interconnectedness, collaboration and unity, the Global Citizen Forum has been raising issues that affect global citizens including those pertaining to free and open mobility, right to education and focus on cultural assimilation.

As a part of its efforts to cultivate a community of global citizens that ascribe to the idea of a common, human identity, the Global Citizen Forum recently initiated a “We are Global Citizens” campaign. The campaign outlined certain parameters of what is takes to be a global citizen.

Global Citizens are people who:

  1. Are committed to building a world beyond gender where success is defined by the capability of the human mind.
  2. Want to build a world beyond religion, where God and the individual are one.
  3. Are seeking to go beyond nationality and boundaries, identifying themselves as citizens of the planet over the countries they belong to.
  4. Are looking to connect and communicate equally with people of all nationalities.
  5. Live in global cities with people of different nationalities, cultures and religions.
  6. Are working in a world driven by technology where access to education and entertainment is democratised.
  7. Feel at home anywhere in the world.

The campaign was focused in the cities of Rome, Boston and New York with plans to initiate it in other global cities in the future.