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Global Thought Leader Dr. M’s Global Citizen Forum organises ‘Women Inspiring peaceful & Sustainable Future’ meet at United Nations, Geneva

Global Thought Leader Dr M has been working for several years to establish a world ‘beyond gender’ where absolute equality prevails. In pursuit of his mission,  the Global Citizen Forum – a not for profit that Dr. M founded has held programs and interactions with international leaders in some of the world’s leading cities.

As a part of the ‘Beyond Gender’ initiative, the Global Citizen Forum (GCF) had collaborated with Women’s International Networking (WIN) – a not for profit focusing on women empowerment founded by Kristin Engvig who is a global trailblazer for women empowerment around the world and aspires to build a world that is gender-neutral, where everyone contributes in their own unique way.

Global Citizen Forum Meet

The GCF-WIN collaboration led by Dr. M has, since 2019, fostered and nurtured the beyond gender mission. Dr. M always gasped the critical link between gender and social equity, and recognized that without gender equality today, a sustainable, equal future remains elusive as women and girls are crucial to leading and driving change for a peaceful and sustainable future.

The GCF-WIN conference on 16 May 2022 at the United Nations or Palais Des Nations in Geneva commemorated the tremendous efforts by women around the world in shaping a peaceful and sustainable future. The event was hosted by Consensus for Self-Sustaining People, Organizations, and Communities (CSPOC), a UN affiliated NGO based in Geneva.

A series of panel discussions focused on the role of women in leadership as inspiration for others to achieve their full potential. The first panel discussion examined ‘A World in Transition’ with special focus the implications of global changes on  gender equality, society, entrepreneurship, organizations, and leadership. This was followed by a second panel discussion exploring ‘The New Ways of Working & Leading for Peace & Sustainability’. The event culminated with a discussion on ‘Women Pioneering & Inspiring the Future’ where women leaders shared inspiring success stories.

The GCF-WIN event has flagged off the next stage of Global Thought Leader, Dr. M’s ‘Beyond Gender’ campaign that will culminate in a mega event at the United Nations in New York in 2023, celebrating leadership beyond gender, to promote peace, benefits nature, organizations and people.