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Global Wellness Leader Dr. Modi elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors in Organicell Regenerative Medicine

Global Wellness Leader Dr. Modi has been pivotal in strengthening preventive care and wellness initiatives across the globe. With a rise in consumer interest, preventive healthcare and wellness has gained rapid momentum. In India, the preventive healthcare sector is projected to grow at a CAGR of 22 % and is projected to reach $197 billion by 2025 according to a report by consulting firm, Redseer Strategy. Global Wellness Leader Dr. Modi had been at the forefront of many of these developments in preventive healthcare and wellness through his strategic investments.

Global Wellness Leader Dr. Modi

Since 1970’s, there have been many transformational technologies and ground-breaking treatments in healthcare.  The rise of innovative technologies and treatments has been instrumental to the development of the preventive care industry. One of these innovations is regenerative medicine which includes cell therapy, gene therapy, gene modified cell therapy, and tissue engineering. Several start-ups are leading transformations in the regenerative medicine space. One of these is Florida based Organicell Regenerative Medicine, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of innovative biological therapeutics and regenerative medicine. Organicell’s proprietary products are derived from perinatal sources and manufactured to retain the naturally occurring exosomes, hyaluronic acid, and proteins without the addition or combination of any other substance or diluent. 

Adding to his impressive investment portfolio in the preventive care space, Global Wellness Leader Dr. Modi is an investor in Organicell. Recently, he was elected as the Chairman of the board of the company. Talking about his investment, Global Wellness Leader Dr. Modi mentioned, “I have always been a proponent of start-up culture, the energy and innovation in start-ups is crucial to the success of any business. Unfortunately, as a business gets older, we often lose these qualities. My intent is to ensure that the start-up spirit remains alive at any age.” Emphasising the significance of investment in healthcare, Global Wellness Leader Dr. Modi stressed, “In the past few years, my core business philosophy has been to live Happy, Healthy and Wealthy beyond 100 years of age, so I am always looking for new businesses that can help better human longevity.”

Global Wellness Leader Dr. Modi’s investment in Organicell comes after his investment in USA based Fountain Life – an American preventive healthcare company that delivers predictive, preventive and personalised treatment that is data driven to boost human longevity and optimise performance. As a Founding Partner with Fountain Life, Global Wellness Leader Dr. Modi’s vision is to curate a globally recognised hybrid wellness platform that leverages Artificial intelligence, precision diagnostics, data from wellness wearables and the existing preventive care medical system to deliver an optimised preventive care offering.