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Global Wellness Leader Dr. Modi’s Rs. 2000 Crore Wellness City in New Delhi is India’s latest Exciting Development in Health Sector

Global Wellness Leader Dr. Modi who is one of the leading pioneers of the wellness industry in Asia, spoke to Economic Times about his plans to expand in the space and the exciting new developments his business group seeks to bring to India to transform the way wellness and wellbeing are perceived in the country.

Global Wellness Leader Dr. Modi

Global Wellness Leader, Dr. Modi announced an investment of Rs. 2000 crore for a wellness and preventive health city called ‘Modi Mediciti’ in New Delhi, India. India is considered to be the primary medical tourism destination in Asia. Post the COVID pandemic, the ambit of healthcare has expanded to include wellness and preventive healthcare with more people across the globe and in India placing renewed emphasis on disease prevention, longevity and living a happy and healthy life. In urban India too, with the rise of disposable income, more and more Indians are willing to invest in their own health. All this has led to the mushrooming of new wellness centres and preventive health focused enterprises across the country.

Global Wellness Leader, Dr. Modi’s massive wellness city will be an amalgamation of the best offerings in wellness and preventive healthcare from across the globe. Spread out across 1.96 million sq ft and located in the heart of New Delhi, it will encompass a gamut of healthcare and wellness offerings including a 2000 bed quaternary care hospital and other allied healthcare services such as day-care centres, Geriatric care & Assisted Living, Hotel & Service Apartments, Research & Development centre, Rehab facilities, Residencies and anti-ageing and Preventive healthcare centre besides offering other services such as performance optimisation, naturopathy, Ayurveda, Regenerative Medicine & stem cell therapies and other new age services.

Global Wellness Leader Dr. Modi’s Rs. 2,000 Crore Wellness City, Modi Mediciti, in Delhi, India is the latest exciting development for the nation as the government places a stronger emphasis on the development of healthcare infrastructure. The project is focal to  Dr. Modi’s philosophy of living ‘happy and healthy beyond 100’ that seeks to promote such lifestyle, activities and engagements that help people live a happy, healthy, productive and independent life with focus on human longevity.

The ‘Beyond 100’ philosophy espoused by Dr. Modi also includes other endeavours in the wellness space including the Modi Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, the upcoming Smart Living project in Noida, the AI powered Dr. M MyLyfe digital health ecosystem and the development of wellness communities across Northern India.

Global Wellness Leader Dr. Modi has also collaborated with Fountain Life – an American healthcare company that offers a new age healthcare services to provide unparalleled preventive healthcare services for optimising healthcare and promoting human longevity . Dr. Modi’s vision for this strategic collaboration is to create a globally recognized wellness platform with numerous health centres in India in order to promote health, vitality and longevity. 

In his interview with Economic Times, Global Wellness Leader Dr. Modi mentioned that the Modi Mediciti will offer world class healthcare services at a very competitive prices to millions of people arriving in India for medical care.