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Global Business Leader Dr. M’s DigiLife Technologies: powering everyday technologies to make living sustainable and futuristic

A global business leader Dr. M is known for combining technological innovation and entrepreneurship. Channelling his spirit of technological innovation across Asia, Dr.M’s DigiLife Technologies is a regional distributor, provider and enabler of info-communication products and services with one-stop solutions that cover multiple scenarios in Cloud, IoT, Server consolidation, Virtualisation, and has strong footprints in South-Asia and South-East Asia. 

Listed on Singapore Stock Exchange, DigiLife Technologies has its main business operations in Telecom and Technology sectors. With a network of more than 30,000 resellers, the company leverages the distribution of telecom operator products in Indonesia where it mainly distributes prepaid cards as authorized distributor of the well-established operators namely PT Telekomunikasi Selular (Telkomsel), PT XL Axiata, PT Indosat and PT Smartfren. 

In addition, Digilife Technologies also provides hardware infrastructure and business service integration for governments and corporate clients such as HP and IBM. For its commitment to consumers and continuous innovation, Digilife Technologies has received numerous accolades for its services in the mobile telephony sector, namely:

  • Best Achievement target Revenue POI NARU 2020
  • Best Recharge Domination Regional Sumbagsel
  • The Best Managing Out Cluster & Out Region Area Sumatera
  • The Best Racing 5R and 5S in September
  • Best 3 time TAP Competition Regional Central Jabotabek
  • The 3rd Best Outlet Productive Area Pamasuka The Best Performance of Recharge
  • The Best Performance of Recharge Domination Regional Central Jabotabek
  • Best Achievement target Revenue POI NARU 2020 Area Pamasuka Platinum Categories 
Global Business Leader Dr. M Digilife Technologies

Futuristic Transformation from “SEVAK Limited” to “DigiLife Technologies”:

To reflect the company’s futuristic aspirations, In the year 2020, the company changed its name from “SEVAK Limited” to “DigiLife Technologies” to reflect its future aspirations as a consumer centric business with digitalisation at its core. As quoted by DigiLife Technologies Chairman, Global Business Leader Dr. M – “The Company has always strived for its vision of moving from information to innovation and 2020 has taught us the importance of digitization and technology in every facet of life. The new name denotes the Company’s digital and technology push for the businesses it is into.”

Pioneering the Electric Vehicle Revolution:

Inspired by Global Business Leader Dr. M’s philosophy of living “Beyond 100” – that is enjoying a happy, healthy, productive and independent life, DigiLife Technologies partnered with GRAB (formerly UBER Singapore) to operate a 100% commercially owned electric vehicle fleet in Singapore. The electric vehicle fleet is one of the most innovative clusters for the automotive sector in Singapore and was provided by one of the most important global players in EV segment – BYD. This fleet was customised with the latest green technology with zero tailpipe emissions of local air pollutants and much lower engine noise. This was in sync with Singapore’s intention to reduce energy intensity by 35 % by 2030. 

From Information to Innovation: paving the path to the future :

In post covid world, DigiLife Technologies has accelerated its diversification in consumer technologies. Building further on its Electric Vehicle segment and with an increased focus on sustainable and AI enabled technologies, the company aims to be the cornerstone of a futuristic, innovative and intelligent style of human living and play a focal role in social reorganisation.