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Global Business Leader Dr. M’s Foreign Investors India forum: helping India to Become a Global Economic power

With a focus on promoting strategic economic investments by foreign investors across business sectors in India, Global Business Leader Dr. M launched Foreign Investors India Forum in 2019. Global Business Leader Dr. M’s Foreign Investors India Forum offers a variety of different channels to international investors and policymakers to communicate with stakeholders with the intent of increasing foreign direct investment (FDI) into India to make India a global economic power. The Forum offers in-depth analyses and expert opinion on business, strategic investments, trade policy and foreign direct investments in India through multiple channels. The proposed size of investment under the Global Business Leader Dr. M’s Foreign Investors India Forum is expected to be over $100 Billion over next five years. A majority of the investments will be made in sectors such as healthcare, wellness, hospitality, technology and real estate.

Global Business Leader Dr. M Foreign Investors India Forum

Pursuant to the vision of its Global Chairman- Global Business Leader, Dr. M, the Foreign Investors India Forum launched its call for making India a global economic power with discussions with stakeholders in Kashmir, seeking to boost investment in hospitality in the region. This initiative, that was held even before the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir sought to bring strategic investments to develop more than 100 global hotels in the region. “Our first project is to encourage Indian origin hoteliers to invest in Kashmir. We have already had a forum event in Srinagar in June 2019 and reached out to local hoteliers and land owners there for joint projects and developments in the hospitality sector,” said Global Business Leader, Dr M at the launch of the Foreign Investors India Forum in Delhi. 

Supported by the most credible commerce & trade organisations like ASSOCHAM India, FICCI, CII, ICEA, US-INDIA Strategic Partnership Forum and Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Global Business Leader Dr. M’s Foreign Investors India Forum seeks to be bridge between foreign investors looking to invest into India and the promoters of new projects in the country. With investments of over $63 billion in 2020, Foreign Direct Investment is at an all-time high in India. However, India has not yet breached the number one spot in the global foreign direct investment rankings. The Foreign Investors India Forum will provide a fillip to foreign investment to catapult India to the top spot and bolster the pace of economic growth in the country.

To increase foreign investment into India, the Foreign Investors India Forum also aims to support the government of India to build a more welcoming narrative and a system that facilitates ease of doing business and ease of living for foreign investors. In this regard, Global Business Leader, Dr. M, has suggested that foreign investors be allowed to stay in India for long periods of time, without being taxed on their global income, to tend to their investments and actively participate in the development of the country. The suggestions have been widely endorsed by global and domestic business chambers and are also being deliberated by the government of India.