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Global Business Leader Dr. M's Spice Digital: a pioneer of the Early Mobile Technology Boom in India, Asia and Africa

Celebrated for his psyche of innovation and love for technology, Global Business Leader Dr. M founded Spice Digital in 2000. Spice Digital was India’s leading player in mobile value added services (VAS)  characterised by the organisation’s commitment to innovation and speed to market. Headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh with regional offices across the globe, Spice Digital was one of India’s early success stories in the global business scenario. It was the first company in India to launch VAS for 3G mobiles. The VAS sector was a key catalyst in the Indian telecom boom and lead to an exponential overhaul of the mobility sector, impacting everything from companies to consumers. In the mobile VAS space, Spice Digital was the second largest company with a subscriber base of more than 30 million people, almost 98% of India’s growing mobile market at the time. These VAS services were also offered in over 14 other nations in Asia and Africa.


Global Business Leader and futuristic technopreneur Dr. M, was one of the few architects responsible for developing state-of-art telecommunication technology which played a vital role in Indian telecommunication networks. Known for its ability to sight early trends to drive localized offerings, Spice Digital pioneered several VAS products in India and other countries which included alternate radio on mobile. Concurrently in India, Spice Digital also streamed audio services delivering FM radio and live devotional content from various religious shrines across the country.  Spice Digital was one of India’s largest aggregators with more than 2,00,000 + songs available  in more than 17 languages,  and serving over 30 million mobile subscribers. These VAS services were the precursor to the ubiquitous “mobile app” that we see today.

Global Business Leader Dr. M Spice Mobile

The growth of India’s mobile ecosystem was propelled by pioneers and global business leaders such as Dr. M. Under his chairmanship and guidance, Spice Digital also provided incubated solutions in emerging fields such as Mobile internet. In this, Spice Digital established the first indigenous application stores with Idea and Aircel in India. Created several WAP portals such as Spice Gang, Sprint World, BB Store. Spice Digital’s VAS and mobile telephony operations were ‘future ready’ and were supported by the new generation of 3G – Wimax Revolution mobile handsets. As consumers made the switch from 2G to 3G or for consumers joining the ‘mobile India’ space, the mobility services were available in the medium of their choice : Voice, SMS, USSD, GPRS and 3G. Besides India, Spice Digital  also offered these solutions in over 14 other countries in Asia and Africa – a mammoth feat of a global nature in some of the world’s fastest growing economies.

Mobile Internet since then has become an integral component of each of these nation’s economic and social infrastructure. It is also key catalyst of the Digital India that we see today. In 2011, Global Business Leader Dr. M, chairman, Spice Group, had said that, “India is already one of the two fastest growing large economies in the world and can very well become the largest economy. Mobile Internet can enable India to achieve double digit GDP growth rate by capitalising on the young population of the country. It is our duty to support the Indian government in making the country Internet literate. Our businesses have continued to lead the country’s move from office automation in the 1980s to Internet revolution in 1990 to mobile telephony revolution in 1995 and now the digital highway with mobile Internet.” Spice Digital was rated as one of the top 3 brands by sales as per Retail Audit reports, known for constantly innovating to stay ahead of the market offering more rich features at low price points. 

The global nature of the mobility offering and the vision of realised by global business leaders such as Dr. M and the companies started by Dr. M became significant in shaping the mobile revolution in Asia and Africa. The Spice ecosystem under Dr. M included Spice Digital, Spice Mobiles and Spice Retail and became India’s technology backbone. Each of these companies were known for giving customers the fastest, most reliable products and service all India and other diverse geographies where they had made inroads into