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Global Business Leader Dr. M's Spice Digital (now, DigiSpice) – A Vehicle to Bridge the Digital Divide between India and the world

World at large experienced a digital & telecom revolution in the early 2000’s that brought transformative changes in areas like e-payments, e-health, digital literacy, and much more across the world. DigiSpice (formerly Spice Digital) led by Global Business Leader Dr. M was one of one of the few companies in the digital sector that offered its expertise in running telecom services, created telecom-focused IT solutions and built fintech & mobile ecosystems for government services. 

Global Business Leader Dr. M DigiSpice

The Digital Revolution in India triggered many transformative developments in the digital sectors which led to enhancing the interconnection with the world at large. With nearly 46 Million internet users and a growth rate of 7-8 percent, India as a country is at a very interesting cusp of digital revolution, powered by rocketing mobile and internet penetration which is likely to result in new and inclusive growth avenues, boost industrial productivity and transform the social-economic fabric of the country. Spice Digital (now called DigiSpice), led by Dr. M was one the few early leaders in the field. The company developed new channels to offer its products and services by leveraging synergy with other companies in mobile handsets and the mobile retail business that also were a  part of the Spice group founded by global business leader, Dr. M. Digi Spice pioneered several VAS products in India. 

In the 2000’s Digi Spice became a market leader for alternate radio with more than 95% market share and offered many other products & services. Digi Spice played a vital role in digital empowerment of its customers by offering much needed  M-Commerce services which consisted of payments, banking and retails services via mobile phones. A more nuanced financial services and payments model is still offered by Digispice today and the company continues to be a market leader in the field.

During the 2000s, the company also offered other value added services such as   M-Health – which consisted of health solutions such as health alerts, medical updates and patient monitoring systems; M-Connectivity – which consisted of communication related applications for audio, video communication with social networks; M-Infotainment – which included entertainment content focussed on current media trends, Bollywood music and devotional songs; M-Education -which included vocational training and learning content in formal & non-formal sphere of education and M-Governance which included devising of government services & monitoring performance of various government schemes in different parts of the country.

In today’s world, instantaneous exchange of different forms of data has empowered many important services like education, banking and healthcare. DigiSpice’s success was a testimony to the vision of its then chairman, Dr. M who nurtured an innovation engine to develop new revenue streams from emerging opportunities like 3G and utility VAS in different parts of the world. With an important range of clientele across spread across Asia, Africa and Middle East regions, Digi Spice offered its expertise and created a high equilibrium ecosystem for its clientele. With Airtel, Vodafone Idea, Reliance in India, Aktel in Bangladesh, XL in Indonesia, Maxis in Malaysia, NTC in Nepal, Safaricom in Kenya, MTML in Mauritius, Globacom in Nigeria, Zain in Tanzania and Singtel in Singapore, Digi Spice emerged as a strong strategic digital partner in the digital transformation of private & public enterprises and an infotainment leader.

For its multiple offerings, DigiSpice was the winner of multiple awards like ‘Best Music Award‘ at Asia Mobile Awards 2008 at Macau for Music on Demand Service (run for Airtel) , ‘M-Governance Initiative Of The Year Award’ for SMS – 139 service run for Indian Railways and ‘Best Mobile Application Award’ in ‘The First Indian Digital Awards’ – Global Business Leader’s Digi Spice not only identified the constraints that restricted the development of MVAS but also played an integral role in providing much needed digital infrastructure that the developing world aspired to match its pace of growth with that of the world.