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How Global Business Leader Dr. M's Spice Mobiles introduced the smartphone revolution in India

Global Business Leader Dr. M established Spice Mobiles in 2004, was a leading brand of mobile handsets in India and one of the front runners of the smartphone revolution in the country. It was a key business vertical of Spice Mobility – which was one of India’s largest communications company leading ‘Mobility Innovation’ in the country.

Following the vision of its futuristic founder, Dr. M,  Spice Mobility was an early pioneer of the Indian telecom industry. The group had already set up India’s first GSM mobile call (placed on the Modi-Telstra network) in 1985 and was successfully running a telecom network in several Indian states. The Smart Group naturally expanded into the handset space with Spice Mobiles which became the first Indian brand of Mobile phones and accessories, and an early pioneer of an Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Global Business Leader Dr. M Spice Mobile

Spice Mobiles like several other companies led by technopreneur Dr. M, also introduced many firsts into the Indian market. It was the first Indian brand to launch a 3G Android devices in the country,  the first  to launch Dual-SIM phones that worked on both, the GSM & the CDMA network and the first to launch a 12 megapixel camera with CCD sensor. Within less than 4 years since its inception, the company was amongst the top 3 mobile brands nationally with a 4% market share and second largest in terms of its pan India reach.

The Dual Sim phone by Spice Mobiles was a game changer because it helped users make the switch from CDMA to GSM networks – both of which were operational in India at the time. The dual sim phone by Spice Mobiles helped users move seamlessly across states without the worry of losing contact with others in their network. Another popular use for Dual-SIM in those days was for international network hopping.

Global Business Leader Dr. M Spice Mobile

Since Spice Mobiles was a part of the larger ecosystem of Spice Mobility, the handsets came loaded with a diverse portfolio of innovative products and apps to enrich the user’s digital experience. For many users, the digital and value added content in spice mobiles became their first experience of “mobile applications” – a precursor to the app driven world of today. As per an Edelweiss report, Spice Mobile was also the first company to launch mobile telephony VAS services – a key distinguishing feature that attracted a lot of first time internet and smartphone users and became especially popular with the youth. Consequently Spice Mobiles was rated as the top domestic brand in mobile devices in 2010, for constantly innovating to stay ahead of the market offering more rich features at low price points.

Appealing to its large youth audience, Spice Mobiles launched glamorous marketing campaigns featuring leading female actors from Bollywood including Sonam Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and global icon, Priyanka Chopra. These ‘spice’ girls became synonymous with glamour and style and an aspirational icon for the youth of India.

Serving over 30 million mobile subscribers in India alone, Global Business Leader Dr. M’s Spice Mobiles was considered the harbinger of India’s mobility and digital India revolution. It was instrumental in the establishing the mobile internet space in India and allowed users access to world class content tailored to Indian tastes and needs – while offering seamless connectivity for a nation on the go.