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Global Thought Leader Dr. M appointed as coordinator for UN Millennium World Peace Summit

Global Thought Leader Dr. M has always been a strong proponent of World Peace and has undertaken multiple interfaith activities in pursuit of this goal. In August 2000, Dr. M along with Ted Turner and Reverend Moon of the Universal Peace Foundation were instrumental in developing and executing the UN Millennium World Peace Summit.

The UN Millennium World Peace Summit which was organised by the United Nations sought to encourage interfaith cooperation and to promote good relations amongst the world’s religions. The summit saw participation of over 2000 of the world’s most distinguished religious and spiritual leaders. Global Thought Leader Dr. M was appointed as the coordinator for Asia by the United Nations and led a team of 400 religious leaders, representing different religions in Asia. The Asian contingent led by Global Thought Leader, Dr. M included leaders from the Hindu, Buddhist, Islam, Jain, Bah’ai and Sikh faiths.

UN Millennium World Peace Summit

The purpose of the UN Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders was to bring prominent religious and spiritual leaders to pledge their commitment to world peace. The summit sought to unite and coordinate efforts to building peace locally & globally, to lead the world in terms of ethics & values, and to manage and resolve  conflicts arising from religious differences. This forum also appealed to all religious communities and ethnic groups to respect the right to freedom to religion and to promote equitable distribution of wealth within nations with a focus on restoring our environment.

A very critical meeting within the summit sought the reinterpretation of the Article 18 of UN Human Right Agreement on ‘Freedom from Coercion in Religion’. The meeting, chaired by Global Thought Leader Dr. M chaired a meeting along with Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Swami Chidanand Saraswati, Rabbi Avraham Soctendorp, Dr. Hans Ucko, Fr. Albert Nambiaparabil, Fr. Maxillimmiam Mizzi, Fr. John Pawlikowski and Jim Kenney, condemned coerced religious conversion and proselytization and  committed to open dialogue for inter-religious harmony.

Global thought Leader Dr. M has always sought to distil the essence of religion to focus on the common values that unite humanity. He has always believed that divergence in religious beliefs and practices should not impede the progress of various religious movements working towards the common goal of World Peace. To cultivate a respect for human dignity, self-worth and uncover the motivations that led towards the development of each religion, Global Thought Leader Dr. M has focused his efforts on telling the stories of the founders of various faiths, starting with a magnum opus Tele-series on Buddha. His work in the interfaith space has been endorsed by key organisations and individuals across the globe.