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Global Thought Leader Dr. M pens down his business secrets in ‘Performance: A Manager’s Challenge’

Global Thought Leader Dr. M‘s book ‘Performance: A Manager’s Challenge,’ is a very motivating and personal account of Dr. M’s achievements as the Chairman and President of Modi Xerox. Published by Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing in 1995 and with a foreword by Paul Allaire – Ex-Chairman and CEO of Xerox corporation worldwide, the book recounts Dr. M’s expertise garnered from the success of Modi Xerox, one of the most successful joint ventures in Indian corporate history. Dr. M, a global thought leader and one of India’s most recognised entrepreneurs, shares his views on how organisations built on a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction may lead to exceptional outcomes in the long run.

Performance: A Manager’s Challenge’

Global thought leader, Dr. M’s key motivation behind the book ‘Performance: A Manager’s Challenge’, was to inspire and engage with New India’s CEOs, managers, and younger generation. The treatise is a must read for every aspiring business manager. As a company, Modi Xerox was instrumental in defining India’s business culture. Employees working with Modi Xerox, who had trained under Dr. M went on to become influencers in future organisations they worked with and lead some of the biggest domestic and international conglomerates operating in India.

The crux of ‘Performance: A Manager’s Challenge’ emphasizes how human effort combined with perseverant devotion leads to remarkable results. While reflecting on his path, Global Thought Leader Dr. M advocates for the creation of a transparent ecosystem in which an organization’s aims and its personnel are in sync, with one deriving self-worth from the other in pursuit of the common goal of striving for excellence rather than perfection. This book describes how Global Thought Leader Dr. M, through his inspirational private and business principles, has embraced the simple secret to success: creating value for each customer while ensuring a happy, frictionless organisation. It reads like a masterclass for entrepreneurs interested in learning about risk-taking, creativity, relationships, ethics, and sustainability from a seasoned industry veteran who is eager to offer insights from his long and interesting journey.

Another significant takeaway from this book is Dr. M’s focus on a manager’s performance. He writes, “The role of a manager is like that of a conductor in western music, who blends and harmonises the notes and sounds of diverse instruments to create a symphonic performance. The orchestra follows the script of music composed by a master other than the conductor, but the manager of an enterprise often has to compose his own music in an effort to maintain the harmony of people working towards the common goal.”

With his motto “Play, Pay and Pray”, Global Thought Leader Dr. M, the key architect of Smart Group, traces the journey of one of India’s most successful office automation companies. The book gives an insight into Dr. M’s futuristic vision, his ethics and the central principles that shaped his future businesses in India and across the globe. Young entrepreneurs, who are not acquainted with the economic landscape in India before liberalisation in 1991, will find ‘Performance: A Manager’s Challenge’ extremely engaging and educational.