Dr. M

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Global Thought Leader Dr. M spearheads Global Change with the ‘Beyond Gender’ movement

Global Thought Leader Dr. M has always been a strong proponent of gender equality. His vision has been to create a world ‘beyond gender’ where the capabilities of the human mind supersede the differences in the nature of human anatomy. In order to create an international dialogue and spread awareness on ‘Beyond Gender’, Global Thought Leader Dr. M’s Global Citizen Forum (GCF), a burgeoning body of people committed to the cause of building a better planet based on the principles of interconnectedness, collaboration and unity, partnered with Women’s International Networking (WIN), an independent global women’s leadership organisation. Commenting on this collaboration, Global Thought Leader, Dr. M had mentioned “For too long, humanity has been divided by the difference between man and woman. We need to counter this division to focus on the human mind and its potential, the mind has no gender, thoughts have no gender, actions have no gender.”

Beyond Gender Movement

As a part of their collaboration, GCF and WIN have held several events focused on the ‘Beyond Gender’ concept starting with a curated series on the topic “Global Women Spearheading Change.” This series of webinars and events saw participation of women leaders from across the globe with the aim of creating public opinion to build a world beyond gender. The unique value proposition of these events was that they gave all participants an equal chance to celebrate and elaborate upon their vision of feminine leadership and how that can lead to the creation of a more egalitarian world. The GCF-WIN collaboration has organised multiple webinars and several hybrid events in Dubai, with the intent of culminating the ’beyond gender’ campaign with a mega event in the United Nations soon.

With the tagline, “Welcoming 2021: Women, Wisdom, Wealth & Wellness”,  the GCF-WIN conference in Dubai in January, 2021 aimed to address and identify the future of women in current climate, reserving special focus on sustainability. People from over 21 different nationalities attended the event and over 87% of all participants were women. This included a significant proportion of women entrepreneurs and C-suite women leaders. Significantly, the conference was also streamed live via Facebook garnered over 1 million views and social media impressions worldwide.  This one day conference initiated the conversation regarding ‘Beyond Gender’ and highlighted individual experiences and difficulties in integrating the concept in the real world.

The campaign has strongly resonated with several international and local organisations such as FICCI – Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry and IFUNA – Indian Federation of United Nations Association (IFUNA) amongst others. Through such international events and global affiliations, Global thought leader Dr. M has created a niche for ideas beyond gender within the conversation around gender equality with the aim to bring in gender-transformative change within our society.