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Dr. M Conferred With Prestigious Title of ‘Global Leader in Wellness’ by A4M

Global Wellness Leader Dr. M’s Smart Group announced its partnership with American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). Established in 1992, A4M is one of the most recognized non-profit medical societies dedicated to the detection, prevention and treatment of diseases associated with aging. A4M has 26,000 members from over 120 nations. With this strategic collaboration, Global Wellness Leader Dr. M seeks to bring the world’s best public health professionals and medical practitioners to India along with their latest cutting edge technologies and most innovative clinical research.


Global Wellness Leader, Dr. M is one of the very few visionaries who has been actively working on projects within the wellness space such as the Modi Yoga Retreat: awarded as one of the best wellness centres in Asia; Modi Mediciti: India’s first integrated wellness city (upcoming) and Modi Fountain Life: a comprehensive advanced wellness and wellbeing offering that includes the most latest scientific protocols and treatments in preventive healthcare. Dr. M has sought to transform the healthcare landscape of India with his philosophy of ‘Beyond 100’ that implies enjoying a happy and healthy life to live beyond 100 years of age. Impressed by Dr. M’s important contribution to the wellness industry in India, in the year 2019, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) conferred Dr. M with the prestigious title of  ‘Global Leader in Wellness’. 


In order to start an important dialogue around the medical field’s evolving emphasis on disease prevention, Global Wellness Leader Dr. M’s Smart Group in collaboration with A4M organised the SMART A4M INDIA CONFERENCE: a  2 day event held on 18-19th January in New Delhi, India. Happening for the first time in Indian sub-continent, the purpose of the SMART A4M INDIA CONFERENCE was to highlight the most recently emerging therapeutic practices & protocols in personalized and preventive care: with a specific focus on how to customize and individualized medicine, and address root causes in order to better enhance patient care. The 2 day event had many interesting sessions like Introduction to Anti-aging, How to improve memory and focus at any age, Importance of Fasting – Time-Restricted Eating & Intermittent Fasting, Intermittent Fasting & its Impact on Cardiovascular Health, Fasting Regimens & Enhancing the Lifespan, Fasting Mimicking Diet & its Impact on Longevity. The conference was attended by practicing medical professionals from across India who are seeking to incorporate preventive care into traditional practices, for optimised healthcare delivery and better patient care protocols.

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine has also been engaged as one of the many international consultants for Global Business Leader Dr. M’s upcoming project – the Modi Mediciti which is India’s first integrated wellness city and will offer the best in global healthcare, catering to millions of Indian and those who visit India for world class medical services. A4M’s vast experience in preventive care education, medical research and investigation will be crucial in training doctors and establishing patient care protocols for a hybrid model of health care that encompasses preventive, proactive and traditional care. This is the start of A4M’s further expansion into the Indian sub-continent and marks an important step in facilitating the goals of preventive medicine in the region.