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Global Wellness Leader Dr. M's Modi-Fountain Life: Making Life Beyond 100 Possible

Global Wellness Leader Dr M, who is known for his important contribution and in-depth understanding of the Global Wellness industry has recently collaborated with Fountain Life – an American healthcare company focusing on new age healthcare techniques to deliver unparalleled health and wellness services. Peter Diamandis – a US based speaker, entreprenuer and NYT times best-selling author – is one of the founders of Fountain Life, USA.   This partnership will not only promote more advanced treatments to chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer, Hypertension etc. but also elevate human wellbeing through multiple wellness centres in India and USA.

Global Wellness Leader Dr M

With this strategic collaboration, Global Wellness Leader Dr. M’s vision is to curate a globally recognised wellness platform along with multiple health centres in India in order to promote human vitality, longevity and health. The Modi-Fountain Life platform will blend cutting edge data using precision diagnostics, performance/recovery optimisation and regenerative medicine with spa-like services to develop a fully integrated preventive and personalised healthcare experience to help human health thrive. As quoted by Peter Diamandis, “The latest research on longevity suggests there is no reason that people born today can’t live to at least 120 years old… perhaps even to 150 and beyond.” In the words of Dr. M, the Modi Fountain-Life collaboration has carved the path to living happy and healthy, Beyond 100 years of age.

The wellness industry has seen a surge of offerings within the specific areas of wellness and wellbeing – from wellness tourism to preventive care. However, little has been done to integrate multiple wellness offerings to optimise wellness in daily living. The Modi Fountain Life platforms seeks to do so by integrating customised health advice, information from wellness wearables, personalised nutrition, information from advanced precision diagnostics etc in its trademark MyLyfeOS. The MyLyfeOS is an innovative, fully-integrated platform that delivers the world’s best preventative, predictive, and personalized health. All in one place. This comprehensive data-driven operating system, powered by AI, collects and analyzes data collected at every touch point and delivers client personalized protocols to optimize performance and extend longevity on the following parameters:

  • Diet 
  • Sleep 
  • Exercise 
  • Diagnostics
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Vitality Optimisation
  • Longevity


The key focus on Modi-Fountain Life’s MyLyfeOS is to actively counter the limitation of AI powered wellness wearables and health platforms and emphasize on disease prevention and  early detection. Using futuristic precision diagnostics, devised by a world class team of genomic scientists and age management pioneers, to identify the minutest changes in your health markers. The Modi-Fountain Life platform will use the most cutting edge artificial intelligence and new data collection techniques in order to evaluate and explore the human body in a way that was never possible.

The last decade has seen phenomenal progress in the global wellness industry along with rapid technological advancements. This collaboration between Global Wellness Leader, Dr. M and Fountain Life ties into Dr. M’s philosophy of living “Happy, Healthy and Wealthy beyond 100” and recognises the power of wellness to promote sustainable human living – which is accessible to people across the globe.