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Global Wellness Leader Dr. M’s Modi Mediciti: India’s First Integrated Wellness city

Global wellness leader Dr. M, is one of the very few visionaries in India who have been constantly making significant contributions in the wellness and preventive healthcare space. After the successful launch of Global Wellness Leader Dr. M’s wellness tourism enterprise, the Modi Yoga Retreat at Rishikesh, the Smart Group led by Dr. M has been working to develop Modi Mediciti: India’s first integrated wellness ecosystem in the state capital of India, New Delhi. The Modi Mediciti will be spread across 1.96 million sq ft and encompass a gamut of healthcare and wellness offerings including a 2000 bed quaternary care hospital and other allied healthcare services such as day-care centres, Geriatric care, Hotel & Service Apartments, Research & Development and wellness centre amongst others.

Modi Mediciti

Global wellness leader Dr. M’s Modi Mediciti will offer the best in global healthcare, catering to millions of people who visit India for world class medical services at very competitive prices. Modi Mediciti promises to be a premium wellness real estate offering that can establish itself as a pioneer in wellness and preventive care services in Asia. Globally, the Wellness industry has witnessed an exponential rise. It includes industries such as  wellness tourism, wellness real-estate, wellness spa etc. Wellness tourism industry has a global market cap of around USD 650 bn and is estimated to grow with a CAGR of 8% between 2017-25. Studies also indicate that India is ranked among the top three healthcare markets in terms of incremental growth and healthcare delivery expenditure is expected to increase by 19 % CAGR. 

Global Wellness Leader Dr. M’s Modi Mediciti will have unparalleled micro-market advantage and will offer world class and conducive care delivered by a pool of clinicians and healthcare professionals. One of its unique offerings shall include a specialized geriatric care by Indian, North American and European board certified leading doctors who will diagnose, treat and rehabilitate older adults living with frailty. Located at the centre of elite Delhi, Modi Mediciti will also offer a club house, recreation room, sports facilities and community outings for its patients. Global Wellness Leader Dr. M’s Modi Mediciti truly focuses on symbiotic healthcare ecosystem offerings and is the only wellness project in India that offers customized services like integrated healthcare, doctor on calls, full time attendant, attached/customized kitchen meals and easy access to transport, social & recreational hubs. In addition, the day-care centre will include traditional and preventive healthcare offerings encompassing all healthcare systems – allopathy, naturopathy, Ayurveda, regenerative medicine, stem cells,  alternative medicine, and dentistry etc.

Wellness tourism, globalization of healthcare services, internet technologies and increasing trend for consumerism will be the main driving forces of the future of wellness industry. This includes internet-based patient centred e-health solutions which will fill the gap between institutional health IT systems and patient driven health records in the future. To fully integrate the latest in healthcare technologies, innovations and research, Global Wellness Leader Dr. M’s Modi Mediciti has partnered with leading international organisations such as the Global Wellness Institute, the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine,  WTS International, Ernst & Young and Hotelivate amongst many  other top professional with the ultimate objective of creating to create Dr. M’s Modi Mediciti as India’s first and truly integrated wellness city.