Dr. M

Global Wellness Leader Dr. M’s Saket City Hospital was a World Class Super Speciality Hospital in New Delhi

Global Wellness Leader Dr. M’s diversified business conglomerate has established interests in mobility, finance, entertainment, technology and healthcare sectors. Looking to expand into new avenues, and enable a better quality of life, Global Wellness Leader, Dr. M set up his first multi-super speciality hospital in 2012-13. Christened as Saket City Hospital and located in the heart of  Delhi-NCR, the hospital was set up with an envisaged investment of Rs 1,400 crore ($250 million). Launched as a premium end tertiary care facility, the Saket City Hospital  was known for its best medical care along with a patient-centric approach. To emphasize its unstinting commitment to patients, Saket City Hospital adopted the tagline ‘You First’ which became the foundation of its operational philosophy.

Saket City Hospital

Global Wellness Leader Dr. M’s Saket City Hospital was one of the nation’s most comprehensive, integrated healthcare delivery facilities. The launch made Dr. M one of the few corporate heads to set up state-of-the-art hospitals in India that marked the first phase of consolidation of India’s highly fragmented healthcare market.

A firm believer in new technologies, Global Wellness Leader Dr. M, along with his team of the finest medical professionals sought to ensure that the Saket City Hospital was equipped with cutting edge medical technologies that were the first of their kind in India, such as the Philips Bi-Plane Cath lab, State-of-the-Art Operation theatre and 4D Multi transmit 3.0 Tesla Digital MRI. The latest, cutting edge technology coupled with a strong core group of leading medical doctors, clinicians made the Saket City Hospital a force to reckon with.

This 300-bed facility encompassed a variety of super speciality care services  through its multiple institutes which focused on patient care as well as medical research. These included the Institute of cardiac sciences, Institute of critical care and pulmonary medicine, Institute of neuro sciences, Institute of bariatric, MAD & GI surgery, Institute of Obs & Gynaecology and Institute of orthopaedics & joint replacement. Saket City Hospital was  recognized for providing high-standard and compassionate healthcare which played an important role in offering affordable healthcare solutions to patients from India and other countries, contributing India’s growth as a premier medical tourism destination.

Through this world class super speciality hospital, Global Wellness Leader, Dr. M initiated the development of a global healthcare ecosystem that continues to evolve and has enabled thousands of Indians live better, healthier lives.