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Global Wellness Leader Dr. M’s Smart Group partners with Global Wellness Institute

After being conferred with the prestigious title of ‘Global Leader in Wellness‘ for making important contributions within the wellness industry in Asia, Dr. M in 2020 had announced yet another important strategic partnership with Global Wellness Institute – a non-profit organization based out of Florida, USA, whose mission is to empower wellness worldwide by educating the public and private sectors about preventative health and wellness. GWI’s research, programs and initiatives have been instrumental in the growth of the USD $4.5 trillion wellness economy—and in uniting the health and wellness industries. 

Global Wellness Institute

The global healthcare industry has been undergoing some important changes, much before the world was hit by the pandemic. But the pandemic exposed and revealed important vulnerabilities within the healthcare industry which made partnerships within the healthcare industry even more crucial for the betterment of humankind. Impressed by Global Wellness Institute’s goal to aggregate information on a global scale, collaborate to share knowledge and eliminate silos, and accelerate the pace of change to achieve significant results, Global Wellness Leader Dr. M in 2020 partnered with Global Wellness Institute in order to outline specific priorities and measurable indicators in order to assess progress towards improved health and wellness in India. As a part of this partnership, Global Wellness Leader Dr. M held a series of educational and informative programs with wellness doctors, enthusiasts and business owners in India and different parts of the world, under the aegis of the Global Wellness Institute’s special programme called ‘The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease‘ . The Wellness Moonshots are a call to action to eradicate chronic, preventable disease worldwide by uniting the health and wellness industries. 

Global Wellness Institute

In 2020, Global Wellness Institute invited Dr. M to speak at their Global Wellness Summit, where Global Wellness Leader Dr. M spoke about his philosophy of ‘Creating a Happy, Healthy, & Wealthy Future Where Everyone Can Live Beyond 100‘. This dialogue between Global Wellness Institute’s Kim Marshall and Dr. M was widely appreciated as it gave insights into how Dr. M started his journey as a social entrepreneur, what life Beyond 100 might look like, and how his work relates to the Global Wellness Institute’s ten wellness trends for 2020.

Taking the partnership forward, Global Wellness Leader Dr. M’s Smart Group may also look to collaborate with the Global Wellness Institute for the Smart Group’s upcoming Modi Mediciti – India’s first wellness integrated city. Leveraging the vast affiliate network of both organisations to bring into focus advanced healthcare technologies and conduct in-depth better research in an effort to improve preventive care in India. This will be in keeping with the vision of Global Wellness Leader Dr. M to make healthcare accessible and driven by technology, focusing on nature based wellness and promoting fundamental change in the way Indians view healthcare.