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A Billionaire Global Citizen, Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Modi was born on 2nd Jan 1949 in Modinagar, Bharat.

Upon his birth, it was predicted that he would have the lifestyle of a Global King, so he was named “Bhupendra”.

His father Gujarmal Modi who laid the foundation for the Modi brand and was also one of the builders of free India, died in 1976. The Modi brand was built on the value systems prevailing in Bharat. Today, Dr. Modi is using the Modi Brand to develop India further.

Dr. Modi extended the Modi Brand by establishing Modi Xerox that revolutionized office automation in Bharat.

He also established Modi Telstra that changed the lives of people with the start of Mobile telephony.

In 2018, he established the Modi Yoga Retreat to promote Yoga and Ayurveda to help people live happy, healthy, and wealthy beyond 100. Since 2021 he is transforming the healthcare industry from sick care to well care by starting Fountain Life, New York and Modi Fountain Life which provide AI-enabled preventative, predictive and personalized care.

In 2023, his new venture, Modi Realty will set up manufacturing facilities for fabricating AI-enabled, engineered construction materials & units to change the way smart cities are built in India.

In 2011, Dr. Modi founded the Global citizen forum which seeks the creation of a world that is:

  • Beyond Gender: where success is defined by the capability of the human mind and is not bound by age or gender.
  • Beyond Religion: where God and the individual are one.
  • and Beyond Nationality: where people identify themselves as citizens of the planet over the countries they belong to.

Dr. Modi has written many books that detail his personal experiences. Namely: ‘Hinduism – The Universal Truth’, ‘India and Hinduism’, ‘One God’, and ‘Performance – A Managers Challenge’.

He has produced the movie ‘Oh My God’, and the tele-serial ‘Buddha’. Amongst his other cinematic endeavors, ‘Adi Shankaracharya’ is in production and a series on ‘Padmanabhaswamy temple’ is at the pre-production stage.

Dr. Modi is a conscious Capitalist who has created and continues to create wealth globally for himself, his shareholders, his partners, his employees, and the public at large.

His evolved vision is echoed in the motto ‘One Sun, One Earth, One Family, One Future.’

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