Dr. M

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As a Singapore based technopreneur, Dr. M has consistently worked with the leaders in technological innovation to make life better, faster and healthier for the urban consumer. With over four decades in business that straddled the West and the East, he has sought to bring consumers in Asia, specifically India, Singapore and Indonesia at par with those in the western world. 

His endeavours are focused on end-consumer technologies – from wireless telephony and mobile phones to wellbeing & luxury applications and electric vehicles that allow consumers to take control of their lifestyle, health and promote sustainable living practices in a world impacted by climate change and disrupted by constant innovation. 



An Artificial Intelligence enabled and data driven digital healthcare platform designed to deliver the world’s best preventive, predictive and personalised healthcare at your fingertips. The FOUNTAIN OS operating system, powered by Fountain Life maps extensive data – from precision diagnostics and body imaging scans to reports from everyday wellness wearables to deliver targeted reports for personalised healthcare. 

The FOUNTAIN OS operating system is supported by the latest in healthcare technology including new-age precision diagnostics developed by some of the world’s leading researchers and genome testing for predictive healthcare. Powered by new and more in-depth health information, the FOUNTAIN OS operating system works with medical professionals and the individual to deliver a comprehensive personalised health plan that encompasses daily nutrition advice, fitness plans, drug and supplement recommendations. 

Extensive data mapping allows the platform to identify troublesome health markers and enable treating doctors to more accurately recommend procedures and medical care options to enhance individual longevity. 



An ultra-high-end service tailored to the new age millennials and the Ultra High Net Worth individuals. HYLF is a data driven and AI enabled platform that matches demand with supply within a shared ecosystem for the uber rich. It currently operates in five key markets – USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia and the Pacific. 

With a fleet of business jets and yachts, HYLF is upgrading the model of luxury business and luxury vacations across the globe. Impeccable customer service coupled with attention to detail, the HLYF platform caters to every need of its patrons – from food choices to getting to exclusive and hard to reach destinations, ensuring an exclusively personal and unique experience. 

Redefining the global luxury tourism industry, HLYF promises an immersive luxury experience for an Instagram driven world that makes luxury transportation, residences and lifestyle affordable and available at the touch of a smart phone.




Envisaged as one of India’s leading private and futuristic smart cities, the upcoming Rampur Modiciti promises to be a hub of innovation, manufacturing and wellness. Spread over 100 acres, the solar enabled smart city will be designed with a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit at its heart surrounded by wellness community living spaces, an entertainment complex, educational facilities and a wellness hotel.

The Rampur Modiciti will encapsulate an entire urban ecosystem that is sustainable and self-reliant. An ‘atmanirbhar’ model of living, powered by the latest technologies in manufacturing, city administration, sustainable energy and smart home technology – the global manufacturing centre will be built under the aegis of the ‘make in India’ scheme of the union government of India. The residential and social community around the hub will be supported by a robust digital infrastructure and AI enabled mapping system that promotes safety, security and ease of living.